Stop Commercial Restaurants in our Residential Neighborhoods

Your neighborhood could be next

You wouldn't want a nearly 9000 sq ft restaurant and banquet hall with a parking lot for 95 cars in your residential neighborhood and neither do we.  It would be located among single family homes and adjacent to the C&O National Historic Park.  The developers are misusing the intent of the zoning code and our master plan by calling it a country inn.  If they are successful, your neighborhood could be next.

Pancake House restaurant

If you don't want a restaurant in your back yard, please sign this Petition.  It asks the Montgomery County Council to stop this abuse by supporting a zoning amendment sponsored by Councilmembers Elrich and Hucker, and Co-Sponsored by Councilmembers Berliner, Katz, Rice, Leventhal, Reimer, and Navarro.  The zoning amendment would restrict country inns in R-200 residential neighborhoods throughout Montgomery County. 

We believe this project could have a negative environmental impact on the C&O National Historic Canal Park.  Traffic is already a serious safety issue with illegal parking on both sides of MacArthur Blvd. on weekends.

Protect your neighborhood.  Please ask your friends to sign also.  Organizations supporting the Zoning Text Amendment include the Brickyard Coalition, River Falls Civic Association, Woodrock Civic Association, Civic Association of River Falls, West Montgomery County Citizens Association and the Montgomery Countryside Alliance.

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