County Council Passes Bill 11-12

County Council passed Bill 11-12, of which Council Member George Levanthal was the the lead sponsor. The provides that the County Executive must seek County Council approval before disposing of county real property though sale or long-term lease. Bill 11-12 provides a safeguard to ensure that one person is not solely responsible for the disposition of assets that belong to all the people of Montgomery County and that are worth millions of dollars. The bill strengthens the checks and balances among different branches of government to ensure such transactions are in the public interest. We have a long history of good government here in Montgomery County, and this bill is simply an extension of that. The County Executive must already seek County Council approval on a number of actions, including road abandonment and economic development fund grants. That list now appropriately includes the disposition of county property. Unfortunately, the County Executive expedited the signing of the Brickyard Lease to circumnavigate this positive development. Bill 11-12 full text [PDF]