April 21st Status Update


Brickyard Coalition
Preserving our Neighborhood 

We wanted to keep you updated on the status of the fight for Brickyard Road. Last night ABC 7 aired another story on the Brickyard soccer project. You can see the story by going here. On Friday, April 13, over 750 Montgomery County citizens, taxpayers and voters filed a petition in opposition to the County Executive’s secret agreement with Montgomery Soccer Inc. (MSI) to construct and operate soccer fields on the Brickyard School public property. Hundreds of you and others emailed comments directly to the County. Comments opposing the lease far outnumbered those supporting the lease. See this Potomac Almanac story. In a brazen petty political move reminiscent of Chicago politics, the County then decided not to count any comments which did not include a name and address even though their own published Notice contained no such requirement. Totally ignoring the Brickyard community, Montgomery County then signed the lease with Montgomery Soccer, Inc. (MSI) on Monday (April 16) to go ahead with the plan to destroy Nick’s Organic Farm and construct the multiple soccer fields. We had expected this to happen. The signing of the lease is not the end of the fight. Rather, it is the beginning of the serious legal opposition which we have planned. We are also working with our attorneys on a legal complaint which will be filed during the next several weeks. Additionally, the County and MSI must now make application under mandatory referral to the Montgomery County Planning Board, which will review the project for conformance to the County’s Master Plan and conduct a traffic analysis and other studies for the impact on our neighborhood. We don't know exactly when the County and MSI will make an application for review by the Planning Board, but after a completed application is received, the Planning Board will have 60 days to render a decision. They will also hold a public hearing about the Brickyard proposal before reaching a decision, which will mark the first time a third party will look at this deal. The fight is far from over, and we appreciate your continued support. Please consider volunteering your time or making a contribution to the legal fund. Your financial support is needed now. Make you check payable to WMCCA and mail to the Brickyard Coalition, P.O. Box 60962, Potomac, MD 20859. Best regards, Brickyard Coalition