Alternative To Brickyard


Alternative To Brickyard To the Editor: The following letter was addressed to the County Executive and County Council. 
To address Mr. Leggett’s desire to increase the number of soccer fields for Bethesda/Chevy Chase and North Potomac, it has been brought to my attention that there is a much more suit- able location for a soccerplex than Brickyard Rodd, which is a small residential county road, with 12 speed humps and three traffic circles, without public transportation — a road that feeds onto Falls Road that is totally gridlocked at rush hour when MSI would add hundreds of cars to an already crippled transportation system. Cabin John Park is accessed easily from the beltway with roads designed to handle beltway traffic. It has parking lots, public trans- portation, and large acreage — all of which make Cabin John Park a much better location for a soccerplex than Brickyard Road. Cabin John Park has the infrastructure already in place and roads that can accommodate the kind of traffic a soccerplex creates. The roads to Cabin John Park do not have residential housing right on the road. It has everything neces- sary for a soccerplex. Brickyard Road has none of the above. 
Hopefully, this will be the solution that makes everybody happy and fulfills everybody’s needs. 
Elisabeth Waugaman