Mary Kathleen Ernst's Letter to Leggett

Dear Montgomery County Executive Leggett:

I am appalled by your decision, without consideration of democratic process, to award a vaguely written land lease to Montgomery Soccer Incorporated, a membership organization, to construct 4 soccer fields for its members on a 20 acre plot of land surrounded on all sides by small neighborhoods in Potomac. On this land exists the only organic farm in the Chesapeake Region that produces and supplies organic seeds.  

As an elected representative of my community, your circumvention of citizens' rights to engage in public dialogue about the impact a radical change in land use would have on the community is reprehensible and violates your duty as an elected government official.

If you had been present at the public meeting June 9th at the Potomac Community Center, conducted by county officials for the purpose of allowing those present to comment on aspects of the Request For Proposals (RFP), you would have witnessed overwhelming support, from a large number of citizens around the county, for the educational and environmental purpose of the Brickyard Road organic farm. It has been a special part of our community for 31 years.

You have an obligation to consider the Potomac Master Plan and allow debate on whether a radical change in land use violates that plan.

I have joined a fight to expose your dereliction of office by serving a special interest group having little need to expand on more than 500 soccer fields in Montgomery County.

You owe this community due process and transparency. I await your response.

Very sincerely,

Mary Kathleen Ernst
8609 Stirrup Court
Potomac, Maryland 20854