Farmer Nick Maravell's notice to surrounding Community, between March 5 & March 8, 2011


School Board Makes Sudden Move To Turn Brickyard Road Organic Farm Site Into Ball Fields

Show support at Rockville Board of Education Tues. March 8, 10:05-10:35 am

Call/email School Board/County Council/County Exec To Demand Review 


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Noise? * Trash? * Water Pollution? *

The Montgomery County School Board is planning to vote this Tuesday, March 8, to grant a ten-year lease to the county, allowing the county to work with a private athletic organization to construct ball fields on land at 8615 Brickyard Road that has been leased to a farmer for organic crops for more than 30 years. 

This decision needs a rigorous public debate before any action is taken. The Board of Education should delay action until all of the facts are made known.


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Only this Thursday did this information become public, when agenda documents were posted. The same day, Nick Maravell, who lives on Horseshoe Lane and has been farming the land for the past 31 years, found out about the move. Although the lease was set to expire, no warning had been given indicating it would not be renewed.

According to the documents, the Board of Education would grant a ten year land lease to the County but could recover the land if needed for a school.  After receiving the land lease, the County would then work with a private athletic organization in a public-private partnership to construct ball fields.

This decision is likely at odds with the interests of the local community, which has not been consulted. During the Potomac Master Plan discussions, the community had said it did not want playing fields, but would prefer a park if the land use had to be changed. Ball fields could impact:  traffic, parking, light pollution at night, noise and trash, as well as ground water, whether artificial turf or sod is used.

Looking at the two existing partnerships of this kind in the county—the Soccerplex in Germantown and the Ice Skating Ring in Silver Spring—it is not clear the children in Potomac would be able to come home from school and head over to the Brickyard playing field for a friendly game.

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If you come to the meeting, please wear a green shirt to show unity and support.  For more information on how to comment at the School Board Meeting:

  • The public is allowed to comment on agenda items for 2 minutes each between 10:05 - 10:35 am.  The agenda item is currently scheduled sometime between 2-3:30 pm.
  • To comment in person, you have to call 301-279-3617 between 10-10:30 on Monday March 7.  Only the first ten callers will be given the opportunity to comment verbally.  A show of popular support by attending the meeting is very important.
  • Anyone can submit written comments on Monday March 7 without attending. You should reference "Agenda Item 4.2.5 Lease Agreement-Brickyard Road Site" and state your opinion.  Those who are able to comment in person will also be asked to submit their talking points or written statement on Monday so it can be distributed to the Board members.


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