Report on June 9th public meeting

Brickyard Citizens Association reports on June 9 meeting


Dear All,

The June 9, 2011 session at the Potomac Community Center was a wonderful expression of the voice of Potomac.  But the session revealed much, much more.

First, to the surprise of many (given that the MSI website told the soccer people to come out in force), no groundswell of support for soccer fields occurred.  The striking absence of any support from the soccer-playing public is highly revealing.

This session exposed the soccer field fraud for what it is.  There is no public “demand” for more soccer fields in Potomac.  A deal between the corporate entity, MSI, and Ike Leggett is all that there is.  On both sides of the issue, for and against, the public is completely left out.  MSI is manipulating the entire show and Ike Leggett is a willing partner.  The myth of the need for soccer fields in Potomac was punctured.  MSI wants to use the prestige of the Potomac site for its own use to feature championship matches at the cost of the entire Potomac community.

Second, Ike Leggett is so confident of his power that he does not mind allowing his representatives to identify his name with the soccer field issue.  He is using the entire strength and quite considerable resources of the Montgomery County Government (such as on its sponsored websites) to further his grab of the Brickyard Road site for the self-serving purpose of MSI.  Why this is so is a matter for the citizens of Montgomery County to discover, and to publicize.

This corner of Potomac in many ways is an overstressed area.  But all of the issues regarding the environment, and about the importance of the organic farm, and what it says about us here in Potomac, have been simply swept aside in the process, as was the Master Plan.  Why?

Third, this is just Round One.  To win, all of the strategies spoken about in previous citizens’ meetings must be put into action, and fast.  This is a government that is drunk with its own power, completely indifferent to the preferences of the citizens, and totally beholden to powerful corporate interests such as MSI.  The familiar interaction between the MSI executives and the County officials, prior to the meeting, indicates as much.

For Potomac to win on this issue the cozy relationship between MSI and Ike Leggett must be unmasked.  Meanwhile a legal strategy must go forward to halt the MSI-Leggett machine.

Charles Doran