Judge Orders County to Turn Over Missing Documents

Circuit Court Judge Rubin in a hearing Tuesday, July 10th, ordered the County to turn over missing documents to the Brickyard Coalition.  The Brickyard Coalition had filed a Maryland Public Information legal complaint seeking documents relating to the secret Brickyard deal. The County's motion for dismissal or for summary judgment in regard to the complaint was denied.    

In Tuesday's hearing, the County admitted that, as the Brickyard Coalition has repeatedly claimed, there were, indeed, at least 30 to 40 emails relevant to the deal that the County had failed to provide to the Coalition.

The Court also ordered the County to conduct a new sweeping search of all computers and servers through the central IT Department to find any additional relevant documents.  Additionally, the County must work with the Coalition to jointly design the search criteria for the new search. The search is to be completed by August 3, 2012.

In a clear vote of "no confidence," the County has also been told not to destroy any records related to the Brickyard deal. A Vaughn index for any documents the County Executive claims to be "privileged" must also to be submitted by August 3, 2012.

In addition, the Court continued the hearing until August 14, 2012.

Channel 7 (WJLA) news story: