Doug Duncan Farm Endorsement

County Executive Candidate Doug Duncan Endorses Brickyard Educational Farm

The Steering Committee of the Brickyard Coalition recently met with Doug Duncan, candidate for Montgomery County Executive, to discuss his campaign and his priorities for the County. The recent battle over the Brickyard School site was a topic of discussion.

Duncan stated he would publicly endorse the concept of the Brickyard Education Farm at the Brickyard school site. If elected County Executive, he would do everything in his power to see that this plan comes to fruition. He has released a letter that can be read HERE committing to that position.

Duncan added his voice to the many expressing their dismay over the way the issue was handled, from the initial lack of transparency, to the backroom fix to the treatment the coalition members received from members of the county government. This amounted to a government not accountable to its constituency but also one viewing its voters/taxpayers as political opponents to be dealt with in a derogatory and disrespectful a manner.

The Montgomery County Democratic Primary will be held June 24, 2014. It is a three-way primary race with Doug Duncan, Phil Andrews and the current incumbent Ike Legget, who was the architect of leasing the Brickyard School site to MSI for a commercial soccer-plex.