The Brickyard Farm

The farm on Brickyard produces heirloom corn & soy seeds, and is home to Brickyard Educational Farm.

Here's an article in the current edition of National Geographic that makes a case for preserving our seed supply.

A crisis is looming: To feed our growing population, we’ll need to double food production. Yet crop yields aren’t increasing fast enough, and climate change and new diseases threaten the limited varieties we’ve come to depend on for food. Luckily we still have the seeds and breeds to ensure our future food supply—but we must take steps to save them.

On July 13, 2011, Nick Maravell, who established the farm in 1980, gave an interview on Power Hour with Joyce Riley.  Here is the interview, and here is a link to her website.

A recent article in Organic Connections (7/25/11) explained the value of the Brickyard farm & chronicled the struggle with Montgomery County Board of Education:

This move on the part of the county, which was done with no notice to the public whatsoever, has caused an outcry among many citizens and allied organizations in the area. “They gave me about two and a half weeks’ notice,” Maravell related. “They said, ‘Oh, by the way, we’re not going to be offering the land for competing bids or letting you lease this land anymore.’ We decided to not just roll over. So, on two and a half business days’ notice, we packed the school board meeting room where the school board was scheduled to take a vote. We all testified in the morning, and it wasn’t scheduled to be voted on until the afternoon. When the afternoon came around we had generated a lot of letters and had delivered testimony opposing this move, and several of the school board members would not agree to go forward with it.”

A Brief History of the Brickyard Farm and Local Food In Montgomery County