Leggett Spokesman Insults Potomac Residents, Makes Untrue Comments

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Leggett Spokesman Insults Potomac Residents
Makes Untrue Comments

We are deeply distressed by the negative tone and insulting comments made by County Executive Ike Leggett’s spokesperson, Patrick Lacefield, regarding the taxpaying citizens of Potomac.  In a Channel 7 story aired on the six o’clock news January 31, 2012, Lacefield made his explosive comments saying "Basically these are folks in an exclusive community, who think in the county, soccer fields and affordable housing should only go in places like Silver Spring and Rockville and shouldn't go in Potomac." You can view and read Lacefield’s comments and the full story regarding the Brickyard public land lease titled “Potomac residents raise ethics concerns over public land” by going here:   Short URL: http://wj.la/z8vkRN

Mr. Lacefield’s statements are not true.  Potomac has both multiple soccer fields and affordable housing within a mile of the Brickyard site.   In fact, an unused soccer field site exists within this same area.  Why not build a soccer field on that site?  Affordable housing and soccer fields also exist in other areas of Potomac.  The County Executive should apologize to the Potomac community and residents for the false comments made by his spokesman, Lacefield.

Apparently, Mr. Leggett is also reflecting his anxiety with having to disclose public documents regarding his two years of secret dealings in seeking the Brickyard lease.  County and Community civic organizations filed a Maryland Public Information Act request with Montgomery County on November 9, 2011—seeking documents responsive to the Brickyard deal.  By law Leggett was required to respond within 30 days but he failed to do so. Now 80 days later Leggett has willfully and knowingly still failed to produce any documents from his office.  "Get the documents out there, and let's see what this secret planning for the last two years was all about," said Dennis Kelleher, a Potomac resident.  If Mr. Leggett ever obeys the Maylandlaw and discloses the public documents regarding the Brickyard lease, the Brickyard Coalition intends to provide them to the public and the press. 

We are opposed to the lack of transparency, the secrecy and the failure to consult our community regarding the best use of the Brickyard public property.  The Brickyard Coalition is an umbrella organization of civic groups and private citizens including the West Montgomery County Citizens Association (WMCCA); the Civic Association of River Falls (CARF); and the Brickyard Road Citizens’ Association.