Vote - June 26, 2018

To hold the line on taxes, Montgomery County needs more business job growth and sustainable spending. As the Washington Post recently stated, "It's easy to overlook some ominous signs of fiscal and economic trouble ahead." A recent study by Sage Analytics found the Montgomery County economy is stagnant, we have fewer jobs than in 2006, the real estate market is soft and the tax base is shrinking.

But with a new focus and direction Montgomery County can continue to be a great place to live and raise a family.

We recommend the following candidates.
They will work hard to make our County an even better place to live and work.

Bill Conway
Council At-Large

Evan Glass
Council At-Large

Jill Ortman Fouse
Council At-Large

Hans Riemer
Council At-Large

Andrew Friedson
Council District 1

The Brickyard Ballot

State Level Offices

State Senator District 15
Brian J. Feldman

House of Delegates District 15
Kathleen Dumais
David Fraser-Hidalgo
Kevin Mack

State Senator District 16
Susan C. Lee

House of Delegates District 16
Ariana Kelly
Marc Korman
Sara Love

Council District 2
Craig L. Rice

Council District 3
Sidney Katz

Council District 4
Nancy Navarro

Council District 5
Tom Hucker

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