Brickyard School Site Legal Fight is Over!

The legal fight over the Brickyard school site is over. As requested by the Brickyard Coalition in multiple lawsuits, Montgomery County has surrendered the Brickyard lease and returned the Brickyard property to the BOE. The BOE has formally rescinded the lease and, at least in part due to the Coalition's request, nullified their authorizing resolution of March 8, 2011. 

The process to determine the future use of the Brickyard site will now begin again. It is time for a fresh start with open and constructive communication between the community and the BOE.

BOE Rescinds Brickyard Lease

    1. CE Ike Leggett's original letter surrendering the lease, here
    2. BOE Resolution from last Tuesday (Feb. 19th), here
    3. BOE Resolution for Monday (Feb. 25th), here
    4. BOE New Business Item: Guidelines for Future School Sites, here


  • To fight for upholding the Master Plan, because if it's circumvented here, it can be circumvented everywhere
  • To promote transparency in the Montgomery County government
  • To preserve the 31 year-old uniquely-positioned organic farm - Brickyard Educational Farm
  • To prevent large increases in traffic, noise pollution, light pollution, trash, parking, etc. from disrupting the neighboring residential community
  • To maintain the water management done by the farm to prevent flooding
  • To protect the Chesapeake Bay from unfiltered runoff
  • Because Potomac has little need for more soccer fields

For more about the history of the Brickyard farm, go here.

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